who we are

Master Improvements is a Real Estate Developer and Class A General Contractor serving the greater Richmond area. Our company has a passion for purchasing burdensome and distressed properties, then renovating them for a new family or homeowner to enjoy. We hope to use hard work, persistence, and a team effort to show that you can always make something great out of a distressed situation.


“What does Master Improvements Do?”


We love to build! Mainly, we love to RE-build. We purchase properties which have, through unfortunate circumstance, become burdensome or distressed. Then we use a team of passionate construction professionals to complete a premier renovation on the property for a new family or homeowner. We also partner with other builders and investors to accomplish these same goals.


We Renovate RVA Homes

Our team’s greatest specialty and passion is in the re-imagination, and recreation of residential properties. Check out our many current and past projects!


We Source Investment Properties

Master Improvements also sources investment properties for other local real estate investors and rehabbers. We believe these partnerships allow for more great real estate and construction professionals to make an impact on the community. Contact us for more information!


We Partner with Investors & Lenders

Our partnerships with investors and lenders are a large part of what allows us to bring these old properties to life. Please reach out to us if you are interested in investment opportunity.